We love mobility, workflows and technology

Our consultancy guides and transforms how your organisation think, design, implement and deploy mobility for modern consumers and employees.

Mobile Strategy and Development

We offer our clients a holistic approach grounded on real-world technical knowledge, best-practice design, implementation and development methodologies.

Advising, Analysis, Code, Design, Workshops

Location Based Services

Our current focus is indoor tracking of assets and personnel and extended capabilities such as environmental monitoring of medicine, research tissue-samples and food.

Bluetooth Low Energy, iBeacons, RFID, Ultrasound, Wi-Fi RTLS

User-centered project management

In order to ensure our clients also close a successful project you need to start discussing deployment, process and design before implementing systems and before writing any code.

End-user training, Planning, Process analysis

Environmental Monitoring

We deploy wireless monitoring systems for temperature and humidity on medicine, research tissue samples and other materials critical for ensuring quality treatment and storage in healthcare and the pharmaceutical industry. Automates Joint Commission compliance and documentation for accreditation without manual logs.

Advising, Analysis, Device Management, Documentation, End-user training, Integration, Planning, Process analysis, Wi-Fi RTLS, Workshops