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Thomas Gregersen

MA. Information Studies.
Partner, Developer and technical lead.

After finishing my degree from Aarhus University specializing in Human-Computer Interaction and user-orientated design and systems development, I've focused on Mobility, WiFi and Location Based Services. Automating and simplifying workflows for both the IT-department and end users in challenging environments. As a side effect of my professional interests, I try to keep updated with the latest technology trends and also do programming in my home lab. When I'm not in front of my computer, I take joy in traveling, sailing on my 30 foot sailboat, going underwater hunting and spending time in the nature in general.

Ole Daugaard

M.A. Information Studies.
Partner, Design and process lead.

Finished my degree in information studies from Aarhus University in 2007. Specializing in technological impact on organisations involving field studies of user-driven and collaborative design. Solutions within Mobility, WiFi and Location Based Services have been my primary focus as a professional consultant since graduating. On a personal level I have a profound interest in technology and it's impact on society and it's individuals. When not reading or researching I believe in spending more time outside, biking, fishing, swimming, walking, running or countless other activities.