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We're proudly working with some of the most successful companies in Denmark, Norway, Sweden and Germany.


Our work was initially centered around deployment of 5000+ device across Europe and impementing MDM-system to maintain business software. Subsequently we’ve been assigned to developing very process-oriented small applications smoothing deployment processes.

Advising, Analysis, Code, Design, Integration, Training, Workshops


We are helping The New University Hospital (Det Nye Universitetshospital) in Skejby, Århus with location based staff alarms and patient calls together with Ascom.

Advising, Device Management, Wi-Fi RTLS, Workshops


Twise is helping Securitas manage and roll out their fleet of iOS devices through SOTI MobiControl

Advising, Device Management, Integration


The security company’s 650 employees in the field, all carries around a PDA for handling dispatches, alarms and emergency calls. All data-traffic is transmitted via GSM/HSDPA, so there was naturally a strong demand for providing the users a ‘transparent’ experience and smooth update mechanisms and procedures.

Analysis, Code, Design, Integration, Workshops


COOP Denmark employees have about 1500+ PDA’s in their stores for stocking, ordering and optimising the daily operations. Our project has resolved in an MDM-solution which standardises and streamlines the maintenance of PDA’s and application in all the different branches of COOP stores.

Advising, Analysis, Code, Design, Integration, Training, Workshops

Region Hovedstaden

We’ve completed many projects for the Capital Region of Denmark on hospitals as Hillerød, Herlev, Bornholm, Hvidovre and Rigshospitalet. The projects have been heavily focused on mobility infrastructure. Hardware and software integration with different healthcare applications needing to run on mobile devices.

Advising, Analysis, Code, Design, Device Management, Integration, Training, Wi-Fi RTLS, Workshops

Bispebjerg og Frederiksberg

Twise have been the technical consultants on a large project based on Wi-Fi locationing (RTLS), asset tracking and environmental monitoring on both hospitals. More than 800 units containing tissue samples for research, expensive medicine and patient food are now being constantly monitored and processes are being automated.

Advising, Analysis, Code, Design, Integration, Training, Wi-Fi RTLS, Workshops


Engaged in standardizing and optimizing their corporate image on mobile devices running telnet emulations for their employees in their production facilities. First involved when it was Motorola hardware and updated when replaced with new Intermec devices.

Code, Design, Documentation, Integration


DSB required an automated program routine for ensuring an easy pairing and secure network connection between their mobile devices and the RFID-reader used for validating passenger tickets purchased via ‘Rejsekortet’. Twise have written the tool securing the connection containing sensitive data and automating the Bluetooth-pairing routine.

Analysis, Code, Design, Integration

Kerteminde Kommune

Twise har sammen med Ascom implementeret en system til beboerkald for en række plejecentre i Kerteminde Kommune. Systemet er baseret på WiFi lokationsbestemmelse og AeroScout.

Twise has worked alongside Ascom delivering a resident call button system for Kerteminde Kommune’s nursing homes. The system is based on WiFi locationing using AeroScout.

Design, Wi-Fi RTLS

Sykehusapotekene HF

A solution supporting environmental monitoring on all medicine across the entire south eastern region of Norway consisting of 17 different sites. A fundamental requirement is wireless connectivity due to the many sites acroos a huge geographical area.

Advising, Analysis, Integration, Training, Wi-Fi RTLS, Workshops

Spirit Air Cargo Handling

A project involving automated user-prompts and re-using user-input when configuring their corporate applications for warehouse management. Also standardisation has been important because the business applications requires unique identifiers for licenses, so there is money and work to be saved by automating and standardising.

Code, Design, Documentation, Integration


Developing an app for registering and tracking behaviour for conference participants at a big DANSIC convention. Hosts are scanning participants and will later be matched with co-participants based on participation and interests.

Code, Design, Integration, Training

Siemens Windpower

Siemens had severe challenges getting their hardware and software working on a rather complicated infrastructure due to high security requirements. We’ve developed an image automating deployment and maintenance of certificates and wi-fi profiles on their employee devices.

Advising, Analysis, Code, Design, Integration, Training, Workshops


The National Rail company in Denmark has employees scattered all over the country using different mobile applications for printing tickets, selling goods and validating the RFID-based ‘rejsekortet’. Around 1200+ in the regional trains. We’ve implemented a solution to ease maintenance and update scenarios based on a very complex infrastructure.

Advising, Analysis, Code, Design, Integration, Training, Workshops

Dansk Retursystem

A project for deploying and maintaining a hard- and software mobile solution for the drivers picking up empty cans and bottles from all over the country. The PDA’s are only using 2G for data-traffic, so our task is to enable an MDM-solution to be as smooth as possible in challening update scenarios.

Advising, Analysis, Code, Design, Integration, Training, Workshops

Tjellesen Max Jenne

Scan optimization and standardization on software image for PDA’s used by employees in the production. A lot of time and even more frustration can be saved, if you can optimize on functions such as scans that are triggered many times pr. day.

Code, Design, Integration